REVED art by consultation

If you are interested in a commission, please contact me via email so we can discuss your requirements. 

Inspiration for a commission can often be found when viewing existing pieces on this site, but having me create something unique for you is also a popular option. I very much enjoy listening and tapping into the personal colour, texture and subject interests.

Current lead time on a commission is around 1 to 2 weeks, however this will be confirmed after discussing your project.

Prices of commissions will depend on the canvas or substrate you request, i.e. stretched canvas, hard board, thick art paper, etc. After the initial discussion with you, I will be able to offer an accurate price for the commission, including a deposit for materials.

Contact me to discuss 

The painting shown (200cm x 120cm) was a commission for a family and includes favourite things of all four family members hidden amongst their depicted interests. Note that this photo does not do justice to the texture and fine detail present when the piece is viewed in real life.

Pet portraits

Paintings of loved pets make wonderful gifts and capture treasured memories.

Below are some examples of some A3 pet portraits I have painted. It is always an honour and quite an emotional process for me to paint a person's loved fur baby, especially if the animal has passed away. I feel totally connected to them as I'm painting.

I work from photographs to create your pet's portrait. Price and lead time will be confirmed after we have discussed the commission. There is normally 1 to 2 weeks' lead time for a pet portrait – depending on size.

Pet Portrait - Iggy

"Iggy". Paint and pastel on 300gsm art paper.

Pet Portrait - Rocky

"Rocky". Acrylic paint on 300gsm art paper. Commissioned by the owner after he passed away. 

Pet Portrait NZ

"Dudley". Acrylic paint on 300gsm art paper.


REVED captured my dog Rocky so perfectly, her amazing painting of him is so lifelike and truly amazing. It is such a wonderful tribute to him and painted from her heart. It is a special piece of art I will treasure forever.